Shriram Chirping Ridge Plots Review

Spacious 1200 to 2400 sqft Plots in Sarjapur, Bangalore

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Sarjapur, Bangalore


360 Plots

Shriram Chirping Ridge Plots Overview

Embark on a journey of sophistication with Shriram Chirping Ridge Plots, an avant-garde premium plotted development initiative.

Nestled along the Bagalur – Malur Road, adjacent to Chikka Tirupathi and Sarjapur Road in the heart of Bangalore.

Chirping Ridge Plots by Shriram Properties unfolds across an expansive 21-acre canvas of prime real estate, epitomizing excellence in the realm of Shriram Properties’ plotted segment. Within this expanse, an array of commodious villa plots ranging from 1200 to 2400 square feet emerges, showcasing an opulent fusion of space and opulence.

The surroundings are adorned with picturesque landscapes, abundant open spaces, verdant tree-lined avenues, and serene pathways, collectively crafting an ambiance that transcends the ordinary and assumes an elite stature.

Shriram Properties, a luminary in the real estate domain, assures to bestow upon the Sarjapur Road community in Bangalore an unparalleled living experience. This promise is underscored by the infusion of brilliant architectural nuances within Chirping Ridge Plots, reflecting an ethos synonymous with elevated living.

Strategically positioned at the crossroads of Sarjapur Road, Bagalur – Malur Road, and Chikka Tirupathi Road, with the upcoming Peripheral Ring Road in proximity, the location stands as a testament to connectivity, seamlessly integrating with existing and emerging communities and facilities.

Chirping Ridge Plots is not merely a residential venture; it is an embodiment of lifestyle finesse. The curated amenities include meticulously landscaped gardens, an al fresco gymnasium, a refreshing swimming pool, an amphitheater, outdoor sports courts, a children’s play area, and a designated party area. These facets are intricately planned, placing paramount importance on the fortification of state-of-the-art 24/7 security protocols.

Shriram Chirping Ridge Plots Price

Unit Type

30 x 40

1050 Sq.ft


₹ 28.0 Lakhs Onwards*

Unit Type

30 x 40

1200 Sq.ft


₹ 32.0 Lakhs Onwards*

Unit Type

30 x 50

1350 Sq.ft


₹ 35.9 Lakhs Onwards*

Unit Type

40 x 60

2400 Sq.ft


₹ 63.7 Lakhs Onwards*

Complete Costing Details


Nothing Less Than The Best

Swimming Pool

Kids Play Area




Sport Courts

Multipurpose Hall

3 Tier Security

Lobby Area


Shriram Chirping Ridge Plots Master Plan

Shriram Chirping Ridge Plots Location

Shriram Properties is one of the leading real estate development company in India

We stand as a prominent player in the residential real estate development sector, specializing in mid-market and affordable housing within South India. Our diversified portfolio extends to plotted development, mid-market premium, luxury housing, as well as commercial and office spaces in our core markets.

Our journey began in Bengaluru in 2000, and since then, we have expanded our footprint to other cities in South India, including Chennai, Coimbatore, and Visakhapatnam. Additionally, we have ventured into the East Indian market with a substantial mixed-use project in Kolkata.

As of June 30, 2023, our extensive portfolio comprises 49 projects, totaling an estimated saleable area of 51.6 million square feet. Among these, 24 projects are ongoing, while 25 are upcoming, with each category contributing approximately 45% and 55% to our total estimated saleable area, respectively.

We aspire to be consistently revered as the most trusted, transparent, and forward-thinking corporate entity in the real estate industry.

Our mission is to construct high-quality properties across India, adhering to rigorous building codes and regulations, and prioritizing the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
We are dedicated to actively engaging with our communities, addressing environmental concerns such as energy efficiency, optimal use of water resources, and green initiatives while minimizing wastage across all our executed projects.
We pledge to collaborate closely with our stakeholders, including joint venture partners, contractors, and suppliers, considering their needs and expectations within the realms of customer satisfaction and profitability.

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